What We Do

Our multidisciplinary team of Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers (CEM), Certified Energy Procurement Professionals (CEP), and LEED® Accredited Professionals offer consulting and engineering services to support the strategic, programmatic and technical needs of our clients.

Energy Management


Strategic Energy Management Planning

Energy Audits / Energy Modeling

RetroCommissioning / Commissioning

Energy Efficiency Incentive Management

Commodity Procurement

Overlay Consulting, Incentive Programs
Incentive Programs


Technology Based Incentive Programs

Incentive Program Implementation

Technical Service Provider

Overlay Consulting, Sustainability


Sustainability Planning

LEED Certification


Energy Audit & RetroCommissioning

Energy Modeling

Renewable Energy System Feasibility Studies

Overlay Consulting, Energy Efficiency


Automated Building Report Tracking

Help Desk and Communication Tracking

Automated Reporting and Score Cards

Online Interactive Mapping

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