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The Incentive Program landscape is evolving and growing at a breakneck pace. We believe innovation is vital to meet the increasing demand reduction goals and regulatory requirements.

Innovative Technology Programs


Innovative technology-based incentive programs have proven to be successful in accessing hard to reach customers and meeting ever increasing reduction goals. Our team has designed and implemented a cost effective energy efficiency reverse auction program with incentive costs 30-60% lower than standard utility programs.


Contact Us to learn more about our Reverse Auction Program and see how our patent pending auction program can help you drive energy savings with increased cost effectiveness.


Technology Programs
Overlay Consulting, Energy Efficiency
Incentive Program Implementation
Overlay Consulting, Energy Efficiency
Incentive Program Implementation


Our team designs and implements utility and state energy efficiency incentive programs. Our experience includes working in large service territories with multiple utilities, government agencies, and with diverse customer populations.


Our services include the design and implementation of the following programs:

  • Energy Audit / RetroCommissioning Programs

  • Strategic Energy Management Programs

  • Energy Efficiency Reverse Auctions Programs

  • Community Based Programs


Technical Service Provider
Overlay Consulting, Energy Efficiency
Technical Service Provider


Overlay Consulting is a preferred technical service provider for many of the leading utility energy efficiency programs around the country including Xcel Energy, ComEd, CenterPoint Energy, Florida Power and Light, and Platte River Power Authority.


Our team of Professional Engineers (PE) and Certified Energy Managers (CEM) utilize the latest engineering assessment and calculation tools to identify projects, perform analysis, and provide implementation support.


We deliver technical service provider support for the following program types:


  • Energy Audit

  • RetroCommissioning

  • Strategic Energy Management Planning

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