2018 Program Year

Project Details
  • Location: New York

  • Project Savings to Date: 2,689,087 kWh

  • Additional Pipeline Savings in Implementation: 3,061,498 kWh

  • Total Incentive Funding Utilized in 2018: $351,935

  • Project Sites: 25 Properties

  • Total Awardee Funding Available in 2018: $2.8 Million

Overlay Services
  • Program Design and Guidelines

  • Marketing and Outreach

  • RFQ Response Review and Approval

  • Online Auction Platform

  • Project Implementation Tracking





  • The Consolidated Edison Energy Efficiency (EE) Auction used an online reverse auction to determine rebate values at a price per kWh

  • The EE auction was technology specific, with pre-qualified bidders submitting large scale variable frequency drive (VFD) and elevator specific projects prior to the auction

  • Additional incentive funding was available to auction participants who did not place a winning bid at a competitive “Buy Now” rate

  • The EE Auction delivered 2,689,087 kWh of savings during the 2018 calendar year

  • Pipeline projects launched in 2018 during the ConEd EE Auction are anticipated to deliver an additional 3,061,498 kWh of savings by the end of 2020

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