2017 - 2018

Project Details
  • Location: Wisconsin (Statewide)

  • 2018 Savings: 29,313,935 kWh

  • 2018 Demand Savings: 239 kW

  • 2018 Natural Gas Savings: 100,000 MMBtu

  • $157,280 in Auction Incentives

Overlay Services
  • Program Design and Guidelines

  • Targeted Telephone Marketing and Outreach

  • Online Auction Platform Hosting

  • Participant Training

  • Program Participant Survey and Report

  • Winning Bidder Project Tracking





  • The Bid for Efficiency Program utilizes a real-time online reverse auction that drives down incentive rates achieving the lowest incentive cost the market will bear

  • The auction program allowed commercial and industrial projects to apply for auction rebates that would be calculated in addition to existing Focus on Energy prescriptive and custom rebate offerings

  • Focuses on large commercial and industrial customer targets

  • The program offered additional incentive funding to auction participants who did not place a winning bid at a “Buy Now” rate

  • Over 29 GWh saved in 2018

  • Over 239 kW saved in 2018

  • Over 100,000 MMBtu of natural gas saved in 2018

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