Spring 2019 - Current

Project Details
  • Building Energy Benchmarking Program

  • City: St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Size: 240 Buildings

Overlay Services
  • Building Energy Benchmarking Program Administration

  • Automated Building Report Tracking

  • Help Desk and Communication Tracking

  • Automated Reporting and Score Cards

  • Online Interactive Mapping




  • The city of St. Paul wanted to build off of their Race to Reduce, a voluntary benchmarking program, and establish a mandatory energy and water benchmarking program to increase building participation and impact

  • Overlay Consulting is assisting with developing the mandatory program’s framework, program resources, Help Center, web-based and in-person trainings as well as comprehensive QA/QC checks

  • Overlay Consulting has assisted with bringing the city of St. Paul into the Efficient Buildings Collaborative, a collective benchmarking movement driven by Minnesota cities

  • The Overlay Team manages the data collection and analysis of all 2019 voluntary benchmarking submissions, as well as the mandatory submissions beginning in 2020