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Fountain at the Harbour



Spring 2018 - Current

Project Details
  • City: Hennepin County, Minnesota

  • Size: +2,700

  • Square Footage Affected: 142,382,836 sf

Overlay Services
  • Automated Building Report Tracking

  • Help Desk and Communication Tracking

  • Automated Reporting and Score Cards

  • Online Interactive Mapping

  • Supported local cities in passing benchmarking ordinances




  • Hennepin County was looking for a way to improve Minnesota cities’ access to and the economic feasibility of benchmarking programs

  • Hennepin hired Overlay to develop a county-wide standardized benchmarking program that local cities could opt into. 

  • Worked with local cities to pass benchmarking ordinances

  • Overlay Consulting has signed on three pilot cities to the Efficient Buildings Collaborative

  • The Overlay Team is currently managing the data collection of all pilot city government and public buildings and will begin to manage the data of all private building’s reported in 2019

  • Supported St. Paul, Edina, and St. Louis Park in passing a benchmarking ordinance for implementation in 2020

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