Winter 2019 - Current

Project Details
  • City: Centennial, Colorado

  • Size: 100k square feet

  • Baseline Annual Utility Spend: $112k

Overlay Services
  • ASRHAE Level II Recommissioning Services

    • Investigation, functional testing, and analysis of energy consuming building systems

    • Generation of comprehensive study of Energy Cost Reduction Measures (ECRMs)

    • Evaluation of available utility incentives for implemented ECRMs





  • Overlay Consulting performed a comprehensive energy efficiency Recommissioning study for XJet's Colorado airport facility

  • The Recommissioning study provided a comprehensive list of low-cost and no-cost measures to reduce the energy consumption of the building

  • ECRMs identified save $0.24/square foot annually at 3.4 year simple payback

  • ECRMs implemented save $0.08/square foot annually at 1.1 year simple payback

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