FALL 2014 - SUMMER 2016

Project Details
  • Nationwide

  • 85 Buildings

  • Square Footage Affected: 6.9M sf

  • Baseline Annual Utility Spend: $5.7M

Overlay Services
  • ASHRAE Level I Energy Assessment & Project Implementation
    • Identification of low-cost, no-cost, and capital intensive Energy Cost Reduction Measures (ECRMs)

    • Implementation of specific ECRMs during site assessment

  • Benchmarking of energy usage through use of Energy Star Portfolio Manager





  • Overlay Consulting provided energy assessments of the majority of the nationwide portfolio of Furniture Row's retail stores

  • The assessment provided a comprehensive list of low-cost, no-cost, and capital intensive measures to reduce the energy consumption of each specific store

  • During the assessment, Overlay Consulting also implemented recommended measures, including RTU economizer optimization, programmable thermostat installation, lighting occupancy sensor installation, and more

  • $1,446,590 in identified annual energy savings projects

  • $437,770 in implemented annual energy savings projects

  • ECRMs identified saved on average $0.20/square foot annually

  • ECRMs implemented saved on average $0.06/square foot annually at 1.0 year simple payback

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