2016 - Present

Project Details
  • Location: Nationwide

  • Size:  60+ Multi-family Facilities

  • Square Footage Affected: 18 Million+ Sq-Ft

Overlay Services
  • Compliance with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Green Loans

  • ASHRAE Level I & II Energy Assessments

    • Identification of low-cost, no-cost, and capital intensive Energy Cost Reduction Measures (ECRMs)

  • Benchmarking of energy usage through use of Energy Star Portfolio Manager





  • Overlay provides Green Loan Energy Assessments for borrowers leveraging Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac green loans

  • Provide an avenue for owners to obtain better financing and increase their loan amounts to finance energy and water improvements on multifamily properties

  • Overlay Consulting provides energy assessments to identify energy and water saving measures for building common space and tenant apartments

  • To date, $6.5 million in energy and $3.1 million in water cost savings have been identified from the 60 property assessments

  • Achieve a minimum of 15% energy and 15% water savings per site

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