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From tracking building benchmarking ordinance compliance and help center management to automated score cards and online mapping, our team has the experience to optimize your program.

Automated Building Report Tracking


We have developed a customized Salesforce platform and patent-pending integration database to automatically pull Energy Star reports directly from Portfolio Manager. Our interactive user interface allows you to easily track all building details as well as overall performance toward goals.


Our online platform allows for automated building report tracking and data management.



Sustainability Planning
LEED Certification
Customer Support Representative
Help Desk and Communication Tracking


Our benchmarking and Portfolio Manager trained staff provide building owners with the experience needed to ease the pain of benchmarking their buildings. All customer touch-points are tracked through Salesforce and we can even perform screen shares to quickly assess and solve their reporting issues


A well trained help center increases participation rates and customer satisfaction.


Renewable Energy Systems
Automated Reporting and Score Cards


Our customized Salesforce design provides a dashboard for easy performance tracking as well as in-depth reporting for deeper analysis. Automated scorecards can be generated and emailed directly from our platform to building owners, further streamlining outreach activities.


Automated reporting and score card development allows you to more effectively manage your progress towards meeting goals.


Online Interactive Mapping


We have developed interactive online mapping software specifically designed for building benchmarking programs. The map automatically updates as new building reports are submitted. Our map also allows users to compare and analyze building performance across type, size, sector, EUI, Energy Star score, neighborhood, etc.


Providing easily accessible building performance data can help motivate building owners to improve building efficiency.


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