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Overlay Consulting is a full service energy management consultancy focused on helping organizations identify and achieve their energy efficiency goals.


After years of working for some of the world's leading global management consulting firms, we realized a huge disparity in how the energy sector was being served. Clients were faced with the choice of big management consultancies with high costs and red tape or small environmental startups who, while passionate, lack the business acumen to deliver a quality product at scale.


We founded Overlay in an effort to provide clients with the best of both worlds - a company with the discipline and expertise of big management consulting with the focus and innovation of a start up. With decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, Federal and State Governments, and utilities, we understand how to navigate through the complexities of the energy management sector (so you don't have to).


When you work with Overlay Consulting we guarantee a few basic things:
Overlay Consulting, Energy Efficiency
We guarantee a team of innovative, energetic professionals who are as much business advisors as consultants — a senior team who understands your business and how to navigate the complexities of the energy sector.


Overlay Consulting, Energy Efficiency
We guarantee a partnership founded on our extensive expertise in collaborative work — a partnership dedicated to finding the right combination of answers and solutions unique to your situation and your business.


Overlay Consulting, Energy Efficiency
We guarantee the highest level of quality control, implementation processes, and procedure compliance - exactly what you'd expect from a management consulting group with experience working at scale.


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